-The swing sidecar makes sense if you want to enjoy sidecar riding with all its advantages (added space for the wife, luggage, kids, the dog) and you don’t want to miss the actual FUN OF RIDING (Freude am Fahren as some clever BMW advertising guys say).


-if you dont like the disadventages of rigid sidecar riding (draging, pulling etc.)


if you like nice cruising speed.


- If you don’t get your wife onto another bike to drive with you; well maybe you get her into the sidecar.


That’s how it started with us at least…..


Adventages of a swing sidecar:


-No dragging, tough steering, only a very natural driving feeling


-Every curve feels like a “solo bike curve”


-Space in the passenger compartment


-Space in the big trunk (behind the seat)


-Space for luggage on the optional luggage racks (front and rear of sidecar)


-Passenger can securely fall asleep and won’t fall out (optional seat belts available)


-minimal tire wear, in fact almost no difference on wear of tires on the bike compared to solo bikes.


- For whoever likes that: always turning heads and “thumbs up”.


A lot of that actually.