-Enjoy sidecar riding with all its advantages:

+added space for the wife

+ luggage, kids

+the dog  

+FUN OF RIDING (Freude am Fahren)

+Enjoyable cruising speed.


- If you don’t get your wife onto another bike to drive with you; well maybe you get her into the sidecar.  (That’s how it started with us at least)


Adventages of a swing sidecar:


-No dragging, tough steering, only a very natural driving feeling


-Every curve feels like a “solo bike curve”


-Space in the passenger compartment


-Space in the big trunk (behind the seat)


-Space for luggage on the optional luggage racks (front and rear of sidecar)


-Passenger can securely fall asleep and won’t fall out (optional seat belts available)


-minimal tire wear, in fact almost no difference on wear of tires on the bike compared to solo bikes.


- For whoever likes that: always turning heads and “thumbs up”.


A lot of that actually.