Why is there so many “rigid” rigs out there and no “swing’s”?


Answer: Historically before cars became affordable people worried more to get themselves and their stuff from A to B. Having fun driving was not an objective. In fact driving was probably not much fun at all. The swing sidecar adds only the fun to the old recipe. We don’t have to ride bikes anymore, but we can.  



What is a “good travelling speed”?


Answer: Any speed feels very much like solo driving. The swing sidecars in Germany are mostly restricted by the technical inspection to 170km/h, that’s about 105 mph. I drive very strictly 110km/h in Canada and 85 mph in the US.  …….Always.



Is it legal?


Answer: In Canada a sidecar is considered a motorcycle accessory. It is vastly unregulated in most places in North America. Believe it or not but you will figure that out when you start asking around. Which we encourage.  



Can you fall with a swing sidecar?


Answer: Yes, you can. To the left definitely, to the right the bike is being restricted to not crash into the sidecar.



Does it fit only on BMWs?


Answer: It fits on many bikes. On BMW (mostly R12000GS ) we manufacture a product ready to ship and to be installed. For many other bikes we prefer to get the bike here to install it directly. That enables  us to copy that subframe (that is the part that stays on the bike) for the next customer. 

We have had customers who buy the sidecar and take care about the attachment themselves. Being  handy (or having handy friends) helps. Its not rocket science. And we can still help with questions. We cannot put a swing on a very low sitting bike with low pipes.


Winter in Canada is a good time to build sidecars. Don’t you think?



Are there modifications on the bike necessary?


We do NOT do irreversible alterations to the bike. If you decide to sell the sidecar or the bike you will always be able to do so. Everything is bolted only. Wires are all detachable.


Do you make sidecars for Harley's?

Yes, but only locally (Edmonton, Alberta). I will need to have the bike in my shop for a period of time.